Lou Kellenberger FWF Photo Contest

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Lou Kellenberger FWF Photo ContestPrizes:

  1. First Place: Cash Prize of $300 (One winner)
  2. Second Place: Kindle Fire ($99.00 value) (One winner)
  3. Kids Category: Outdoor Backpack (One winner)


  1. Birds – This would be photos of a bird or flock, perhaps exhibiting some unusual pose or behavior. It could be a portrait or close up of a bird. Composition, background, and lighting can be important elements.
  2. Flowers – This would be anything with flowers, from a field of wildflowers to a close-up of the intimate details of a single flower. It could include interaction with say, an insect, but the primary subject should be the flower. If your photo is of a scene with lots of native flowers, especially if the scene includes the surroundings, consider entering it in the Landscape category instead.
  3. Garden – Photos of home or schoolyard gardens that are designed to help sustain native plants and animals. Photos can show small or large gardens, with a variety of plants, primarily native, that provide food, water, and cover for wildlife. Details of water or cover features can be important elements in the photo.
  4. Recreation – This would be well-composed scenes that include human(s) or human-made object(s) that are participating or designed to recreate in nature. For example, this is not a close-up of someone in a kayak, but rather a kayaker paddling on a lovely waterway (or hiker on a trail, etc.). Or it could be a string of colorful beached kayaks along a lovely waterway, emphasis on the lovely waterway (or trail, etc.).
  5. Sunset/Sunrise – This would be a landscape photo that includes a rising or setting sun, or the early/late light shining on the landscape/waterscape or sky, or even the light on a scene just before the sun rises or just after it sets.
  6. Landscape – This would be a scene depicting Florida’s natural beauty. It may include birds or animals, but the primary subject should be a well-composed, nicely lit scene. It may also include an area of water (since Florida has an abundance of fresh and saltwater features), but should predominantly feature the land.
  7. Waterscape – This would be a scene depicting Florida’s natural beauty whose subject is primarily a body of water, like a river, lake, sinkhole, spring, or coastal water. Composition and light should play important roles in making this photo.
  8. Wildlife – This would be any animal from mammal to fish to insect, except birds. This entry can include one or many creatures, or be focused on a portion of an animal. It can be made more interesting by exhibiting a characteristic or unusual behavior, or by being particularly well lit.
  9. Mobile – Photos made with mobile phones can be very unique since we happen to carry this camera around with us everywhere, so “right place – right time”. Photos can be taken by any type of mobile device. For example Apple, Android, Microsoft Phones, or tablets.
  10. Kids – This would be any photo made by a kid (14 and under). And please be fair – this is not the photo that was set up or heavily-assisted by the parent or other adult.

FWF anticipates notifying winners by February 2022.

Photos must be taken in the State of Florida and must depict Florida’s scenes and/or native plants, flowers or wildlife and may be not photo-shopped.

Online submission of digital images via the website.

Image requirements: jpg, gif or png files. Photos should be no less than 390 kilobytes (saved at the maximum quality setting). If your photos are larger than that, there is no need to reduce their sizes—larger images are acceptable and may improve your photos’ quality. There is a maximum file size of 10 megabytes per image. Original sizes of camera-made digital photos should be 3 megapixels or larger.

Judging criteria: originality, technical excellence, composition, overall impact, and artistic merit.


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