Wildbird Photo Competition 2020

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Wildbird Photo Competition 2018


  • A Grand Prix to the overall winner awarded with an amount of €1,500
  • A 1st Prize in each category awarded with an amount of €800
  • A 1st Prize for the category «Young Photographers» awarded with material endowments
  • A Public Prize awarded to the picture which has totalized the more votes from the visitors of the exhibition, endowed by the Festival’s partners.


  • LUNCHTIME : Granivorous, insectivorous, herbivorous, piscivorous or omnivorous, the bird must be feeding, fishing or hunting …
  • BIRD IN LOVE : Birds are masters in the art of seduction. (Ex: moments of tenderness, parades, offerings or mating …)
  • BIRD OVER THE SEASONS : Ex: bird facing weather hazards or photographed in a seasonal atmosphere …
  • ARTISTIC VISION OF BIRD: The creativity of the photographer must transform the mundane into a contemplative and artistic interpretation and offer a new perspective on the bird.
  • OTHER FLYING SPECIES : A NEW category reserved for flying insects (dragonflies, butterflies, bees, etc.)
  • CATEGORY DEDICATED TO 15-17 YEARS-OLD (legal age as of Dec. 2nd, 2019 at midnight), and with a unique theme wildbird.

Pictures of domesticated, trained or captive wild animals or pets are prohibited. Each participant may submit a maximum of 10 photographs (the miniseries category counting as a single photograph). Photographers aged 15 to 17 years may submit up to 5 photos. No registration fees for this category.

Image requirements: JPEG format; 3:2 ratio; free of margin, frame or signature; exactly 3,500 pixels on its longest side (the shortest side should be of about 2,333 pixels). Except for the «Artistic vision» category, we will only accept images with limited alterations to the overall improvement (localized editing, tone adjustment, contrast, noise reduction, minor cleanups…). Maximum trimming allowed: 20%. The winners will be invited to send TIFF (8-bit) or JPEG high resolution at 300 dpi, and RAW or original files.


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