Cascadia 2019 Photography Competition

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Cascadia 2019 Photography CompetitionCategories:

  • Sport: the key element of the photo is one or more people engaging in an activity in the natural environment or mountains – for example, hiking, climbing, or skiing.
  • Landscape: the key element of the photo is the physical environment, be it on a small scale such as a rock or a large scale such as a mountain or the ocean; people may be present in the photo, but are not a key element.
  • Environmental Stewardship: photos making a statement about our impact on the environment or showing how people are trying to improve the environment. Examples may be people cleaning up a shoreline, or a pollution spill.
  • Portrait: a photo the captures the essence of a human being in the context of the natural environment or mountains, or of a person who has been significant or instrumental on the natural environment.
  • Wildlife: the key element is an animal; this would typically be a non-domesticated (wild) animal, but may be a domesticated animal (dog, cattle, etc) in the natural environment.

Prizes (to be announced):

  • Grand Prize: the best image from all submissions
  • Best of Cascadia: the best image (other than the Grand Prize image) taken in Cascadia (Oregon, Washington, British Columbia) by a photographer based at the time or currently in Cascadia
  • Category prizes will be awarded after the Grand Prize and Best of Cascadia winners have been selected.

Image requirements: JPG, GIF or PNG formats ONLY. Bitmap, raw formats, and other formats will not be accepted; Images should be no larger than 5Mb; Images must be no smaller than 600 pixels on their short side; There must be no watermarks, borders, or text imposed on the image – any image with any such markings will be disqualified; If the submission is selected as a finalist, a high-resolution image of at least 2048 by 1536 pixels should be sent to the Competition to enhance chances of winning.

Online submission of digital photographs via the website.



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