Hawk Conservancy Trust Competition 2019

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Hawk Conservancy Trust Competition 2019Overall Winner Prizes:

  • A private, one-on-one experience at the Trust, tailored to your interests (you can fly or photograph our birds, or perhaps a mixture of both!)
  • A 2021 calendar showcasing all winning and highly commended images. The overall winner’s image will be displayed on the cover of this calendar
  • Your winning image will be part of a display exhibition in Feathers Restaurant
  • A framed copy of your winning image


  1. Portrait – portrait of a Hawk Conservancy Trust bird of prey (or Trust animal).
  2. Action – resident Trust bird of prey (or Trust animal) in action.
  3. Working relationship – between a member of Trust staff at work and a bird of prey (or Trust animal) in any location where the Trust is actively working. For this category, we are really looking for images that show the special connection between human and animal; we recommend that images show at least the head or face of the human.
  4. Flora and fauna – wildflowers, shrubs, plants, trees, insects, mammals, wildlife and the sculptures around the Trust grounds (excludes birds of prey).
  5. In the wild – wild (non-captive/non-Trust) birds of prey in their natural settings.
  6. Impression – we’re after photos that you feel sum up a visit to the Trust. This category is open to your own creative interpretation and is a way for you to show us in an image what you think a day with us is all about.

Online submission of digital photographs via the website.

Image requirements: at least 2000 pixels on the longest edge; JPEG format.


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