Nature Photo Competition Asferico 2018

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Nature Photo Competition Asferico 2018Prizes:

  • The overall winner, selected from the pool of winners of the eight categories, will receive 3.000 € cash + a 10 days trekking in Malawi (value of approximately 1.600 €) + carbon gimbal type Carbon Z (approx. value of 1.000 €)
  • Each of the remaining 7 winners will receive a prize of 500 € cash
  • the runner up of each category will receive a 250 € prize.


  • A – Landscape
  • B – Underwater worlds
  • C – Mammals – D – Birds – E – Other animals
  • F – Plants and fungi
  • G – Composition and forms
  • H – Man and nature

Each entrant is allowed a total of 30 entries into the Adult Competition.

Image requirements: the longer side of 1920 pixels, 72 dpi; jpg format; less than 3 MB in file size; cropping is allowed but must not exceed 35% of the original image area; no borders, signatures or watermarks; Adobe RGB (1998). Entrants will be contacted by email if the submitted image(s) has passed the pre-selection stage and requested to upload RAW and high resolution files, compulsory to enter the final phase of the competition

Online submission of digital photographs via the website. Subjects must be photographed in their natural environment. Photos of pets and animals bred in captivity, birds in their nest as well as photos of cultivated plants or landscapes including human elements, will not be accepted.


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