Tokyo Photography Competition 2017

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Tokyo Photography Competition 2017Prizes:

  • One grand winner will be chosen by the Jury to receive a trip
    to attend the Opening Party of the exhibition in Tokyo, Japan,
    all expenses paid.
  • The winners will be showcased as a traveling group exhibition

Theme: Borders

To put it simply, borders primarily enforce boundaries, minimizing—if not eliminating—gray areas. They can indicate physical lines separating political and/or geographic regions, and they can also be applied to metaphysical confines we apply to our everyday lives via human interaction and relationships. We encourage you to consider the concept of borders as both physical barriers and as intangible perimeters.

Winners will be selected on or about September 15, 2017, and notified via email by September 30, 2017.

An entry consists of no less than 3 and no more than 6 thematically connected images. Online submission of digital photographs via the website.

Image requirements: JPEG format; saved with max quality compression with a long dimension of at least 1,400 pixels at 72dpi and no more than 2000 pixels, with either Adobe1998, sRGB or untagged color space; under 3 Mb in file size.

Judging criteria: creativity, sense of place and capturing the moment


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