NTU Photography Awards 2017

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NTU Photography Awards 2017 contestPrizes:

  • 1st Prize  – $5000
  • 2nd Prize – $3000
  • 3rd Prize – $1500
  • The best submissions, selected by our panel of esteemed judges, will also be showcased in an exhibition held over December 2017 and January 2018, at the prime venue of School of the Arts (SOTA).

Theme: Art, Science and the Image

Science has long inspired art and artists, especially in the realm of photography. From the mechanical conceptions of the camera obscura to the chemistry-heavy analogue photography processes, photographers of the past have shown how they harnessed the scientific zeitgeist of their times to advance their art. Fast forward to the 21st century and we see how science and technology have integrated seamlessly into our everyday lives. The ways in which art can engage with science are broadening and we are looking for fresh ideas and explorations that exhibit this crossover.


  • Open
  • Student

Each participant is only allowed one submission to each category, under one division. Series – Submissions will be judged based on the series of a minimum of 5 images. Online submission of digital photographs via the website.

Image requirements: .jpg format, sRGB; not exceed 2 MB per file, at 72dpi.No signature, stamp or any other identifying mark is allowed anywhere on the entry. Winners will be required to submit high-resolution image files to be printed for the Winners’ Showcase. High-resolution files should be at least 4,800 pixels at its shortest dimension, (approx. 50 cm x 40 cm size), and must be of exhibition quality.


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