“We love People” Photo Contest

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WE LOVE PEOPLE photography competitionTheme: We love People.

As the theme suggests, this competition is dedicated to love and affection for our fellow human beings. What is it about them that we like, admire and adore so much? Is it their actions, their words, or just the simple fact of their presence? Personality, shared experiences and situations can all contribute to shaping the feelings that people inspire in us, and the force of love and affection can manifest itself in countless different ways. Our focus will be on the following questions: What is it that we love so much about people? How do these feelings express themselves? And how can we capture this love and transcribe it photographically?

  • Exhibition at Atelier Alen, Baaderstr. 34, 80469 Munich (24 August – 2 September, 2016)

Winners announced: 8 August, 2016

Image requirements: JPEG format; under 1 MB in file size; longer side should be no greater than 1024 pixels.

Online submission of digital photographs via the website. The winners of the competition will be offered the service of having their photos printed for exhibition by Alen GmbH. This service is subject to a charge.


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