IAFOR Documentary Photography Award

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IAFOR Documentary Photography AwardTheme: Justice

By seeking to reveal the world’s injustices, the photographer acts as a powerful agent of change. When the photographer bears witness to social problems, human rights abuses, suffering, conflict, poverty, and to those struggling on the margins of society, some justice is done to the subject in that they are noticed and given hope of a voice. The photograph becomes a record and a piece of evidence, communicated effectively to the world regardless of language or culture. Whether from within or outside a suffering community, the photographer is an activist, putting themselves at the service of the promotion of human rights, peace-building and social change.


  • First Place – £1,000 cash award
  • First, Second & Third Place – tuition free access to a MediaStorm Multimedia One-day Workshop and free access to MediaStorm’s Online Training Videos
  • Winners’ Photography to be exhibited in the UK and Japan

Winners will be announced at The European Conference on Media, Communication and Film (July 11 – July 14, 2016) in Brighton, England.

Each applicant may submit 10 to 20 images related to the award theme, either in the form of a photo-essay or as a collection of single images. You must submit a story proposal of an assignment that you would undertake if you were to win the award. The story proposal must be uploaded via the online submission system during the registration process. Your story proposal should be no more than one A4 page in length (approximately 500 words).

Image requirements: jpg/jpeg format (medium to high quality); 300 dpi; at 3000 pixels on the longest edge; no more than 10mb per image. The content of an image must not be altered or retouched beyond the accepted standards allowed by the industry. No borders, personal logos, embedded watermarks or other effects (such as HDR or selective colouring).

Online submission of digital photographs via the website.


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