Thomson Ecology Photography Competition 2015

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Theme: "Ocean’s Fifteen"

This year the competition entitled “Ocean’s Fifteen” focuses on the oceans of the world, inspired by the work that Thomson Ecology’s marine team do on assessing the environmental impacts of marine construction projects and harbour and port developments throughout the UK and Europe and advising clients on how to reconcile the sometimes apparently conflicting demands of development and ecological constraints.

Images can include marine or coastal landscapes – scenic or industrial, or interesting marine flora or fauna.


  • The prize for the winning photo is £200, plus the image may be used for commercial purposes and the winner will be paid a fee of £20 for each use.
  • There will be two runner-up prizes of £50 each.

Judging criteria: originality, technical ability, composition, relevance to the brief, overall impact and artistic merit.

A maximum of two entries per person. Images must not include domesticated animals, pets, animals kept in zoos or otherwise in captivity. Online submission of digital photographs via the website.

Image requirements: at least 1Mb in size and in JPEG format; no digital processing


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