Embracing Our Differences 2016 Art Competition

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Theme: "enriching lives through diversity"
This may include, by way of suggestion only, any one or more of the following: appearance, racial differences, physical or mental impairment, language, religious or cultural differences, environmental stewardship, social economic status, sexual orientation or identity, positive attitude, inclusiveness, self-acceptance, taunting and bullying, confrontation, human rights and equality, understanding and kindness, empowerment or any other topic which you believe furthers the theme of “enriching lives through diversity.”


  • $1,000 for “Best-in-Show Adult”
  • $1,000 for “Best-in-Show Student”
  • $1,000 for “People’s Choice”
  • 39 entries will be selected for inclusion in the exhibit (April and May each year in Sarasota’s Island Park and Bradenton’s Riverwalk – both in Southwest Florida)

Judging will take place in mid-February 2016 and those selected for inclusion in the exhibit will be notified by email and postal mail by mid-March.

Judging criteria: artistic excellence and originality in reflection of the theme

Image requirements: high-resolution (minimum 300 dpi) digital file (JPG, TIFF, PDF, PSD, EPS, GIF, PNG, or AI). Your digital art must measure exactly 12.8” (325.12 mm) wide by 8.8” (223.52 mm) high. Art must have a horizontal orientation.

There is no limit of images that you can enter. Online submission of digital photographs via the website or by post but not both.


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