Shakespeare Lives in Photography Contest

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The British Council is looking for a selection of contemporary photographs to represent and market the Shakespeare Lives programme around the world. They want to move away from obvious and clichéd visual Shakespearean references (tights and ruffs!) and showcase Shakespeare’s global influence in a modern and refreshing way.


  • Up to 10 photographers will be paid £300 per image for photographs that represent Shakespeare in a modern and refreshing way for The British Council’s Shakespeare Lives programme.
  • The work will also be exhibited and widely used internationally in marketing materials.

You might choose to reference a scene from a Shakespeare play, his influence on literature or capture a famous Shakespearean location – the world is one’s oyster…


  • Melanie Hough, Gallery Specialist, Getty Images Gallery
  • Hazel Thompson, Photographer
  • Sean Williams, Head of Arts Services, British Council
  • Lucila Pereyra-Murray, Digital Lead, Shakespeare Lives, British Council

Online submission of digital photographs via the website.

Image requirements: submit one or more low-res photographs when applying for this competition, but you must have hi-res versions (minimum 300 dpi) available if selected as a winner.


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