The Eagle-Eye Photo Contest

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Theme: Landscapes of Surveillance
Submitted photographs should show a surveillance site in Germany, either those suggested in the Resource and Research section or a site based on the photographers’ own research.

Instead of pretty landscapes, we call on photographers, artists and the general public to explore and photography the landscapes of surveillance in contemporary Germany. From American NSA and German BND bases in our midst to the secret spy gear on US Embassies and Consulates, the Eagle-Eye Photo Contest will focus on the landscapes of surveillance that are all around us.


  • Up to five winning photographs will be selected as winners of the 2015 Eagle-Eye Photo Contest.
  • Award-winning photos will be shown at Frankfurter Kunstverein from June 20th to August 31st, 2015 in tandem with artist Trevor Paglen’s upcoming exhibition "The Octopus“ and be published in Journal Frankfurt.

Online submission of digital photographs by email. Participants may submit a maximum number of 5 photographs.

Image requirements: JPG format; 2400 pixels on the longest side. The content of an image must not be altered. Only retouching that conforms to currently accepted standards in the industry is allowed (such as tonal value, contrast, brightness/graduation, color, saturation, white balance; or image sections, if they do not alter the image’s content).


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