Blank Wall Gallery Exhibition Monochrome

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Black and white photography has always been one of the most beloved genders of photography. It has never been considered as old fashioned. It is a different angle of viewing and presenting images and for some photographers this was their main motive to start taking photographs. The lack of color functions as an incentive that unlocks feelings and leads viewers to new paths of realization. All black and white photographs taken with film of digital camera by both amateur and professional photographers can take part in the contest “Monochrome”.


  • Twenty photographs from the ones sent will be chosen to be exhibited by our gallery in May.
  • The total cost of this particular contest (printing, matting, framing, press releases, leaflets, opening night, and invigilation) will be covered by Blank Wall Gallery. Blank Wall Gallery will provide both its floors for this exhibition.

Image requirements: jpg files, 1200 pixels maximum, on the longest side, set to the highest quality, at 72 dpi. The photographers who are selected into the exhibition will provide a high resolution Tiff or JPEG file for our gallery to print.

Submission of digital photographs by email.


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