Nature Photography MontPhoto 2015 Contest

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We want to see innovating and inspiring images. We look for unknown places, new visions of the live beings, surprising behaviours or reinterpretations of all that is already known. Your sight Documents the diversity, the beauty, the mystery and the fragility of life in our planet.


  • A1-Mountain: Photographs which clearly reflect high-laying mountain scenery as any other element of this natural environment.
  • A2-Mountain activity: Photographs that show sportive mountain activities such as alpinism, climbing, skiing, canyoning, white waters, caving or any other activity related to mountaineering.
  • B1-Mammals: Mammals, at any stage of their life.
  • B2-Birds: Birds, at any stage of their life.
  • B3-Other animals: Animals, at any stage of their life, not included in B1 and B2 categories, such as amphibians, reptiles, etc.

Images from B1, B2 and B3 categories should show the animal behaviour through portraits, environment or action scenes.

  • B4-Plant Life: Plant species in their original habitat, including fungus.
  • B5-Landscape: Non-harmed nature landscapes, excluding the ones from A1 category.
  • B6-Underwater world: Underwater taken images (fresh waters or salted waters) of flora and fauna and habitat.
  • B7-Macro: Images taken with the technique of close-up photography, showing tiny nature elements or tiny details.
  • B8-Art in nature: Creative compositions or abstractions based in the nature environment.
  • D-Environmental report: Images that show any element or activity caused by the human (or its consequences) that affects or interferes negatively over any natural area (wild fauna and flora, land, water, air, climate or the natural scenery).


  • · MontPhoto 2015 Honour Award: 2.000 € and diploma.
  • · The winner of each category: 300€ and diploma.
  • · Popular vote in each category: Diploma.
  • · Eight Highly Commended awards by category: Diploma.
  • · Special Award Girona’s region: 300€ and diploma.
  • · Special Award Lloret de Mar: 100€ and diploma.
  • · Four Awards in young category (until 14 years old): One photographic experience with Photo Logistics.
  • · Four Awards in young category (15-17 years old): One photographic experience with Photo Logistics.

Each author can participate with a maximum of three photographs per category. Domestic and farm animals, as well as cultivated plants, are not admitted.

JURY 2015:

  • • Christian Ziegler (DE)
  • • David Maitland (UK)
  • • Enrique Talledo (ES)
  • • Fernando Puche (ES)
  • • Ferrán Latorre (ES)
  • • Francisco Márquez (ES)
  • • Helen Gilks (US)
  • • Jordi Saragossa (ES)
  • • Nuno Sá (PT)

Image requirements: JPEG, converted to the colour space sRGB with the profile embedded. The file size must be of 1,920 pixels in its bigger side. The organization will request the raw file of ALL of the photographs that reach the final phase of the contest the 10 June 2015.

Online submission of digital photographs via the website.


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