Wildlife, Nature and Conservation Photo Competition

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Images of captive animals, restrained animals, pets and farm animals will only be accepted on the Our Changing Planet category if they manage to transmit a powerful conservation message.


    • 1.  Animal Portraits.  
    • 2.  Animal Behavior.   
    • 3.  Animals in their Environment.   
    • 4.  Wild Habitat.  
    • 5.  Underwater. 
    • 6.  Micro Nature.   
    • 7.  Our Changing Planet.    
    • 8.  Conservation Photographer of the Year (portfolio).   
    • 9.  Six Frames for Change (photographic essay).   
    • 10. Short Video.      


  • a first place for the best picture registered in any category for $100,000
  • a first place for the best picture in any category taken in Mexican territory for $15,000
  • a first place for the picture voted by the public through the internet from a list of 25 images selected by the Jury for $10,000

Adults can submit up to 30 photos and 2 videos. Under 18 can submit up to 12 photos. No more than 5 images in each photo category, with two exceptions: in Six Frames for Change you may upload up to 3 series of 6 to 10 images, and in Conservation Photographer of the Year you must upload exactly 5 images. 

Judging criteria:

  • The impact of the conservation message.
  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Composition
  • Technical and artistic considerations

Image requirements: JPEG format, RGB mode, 1920 (on the long edge) pixels at 72 dpi. For the video category, all submissions (1Gb maximum) must be uploaded on the official website in .MP4, .MOV, .MPEG, .M4V formats, with no credits. Basic retouching (brightness, color saturation, sharpening and contrast) will be tolerated as long as the submission maintains a close relation with the original picture.


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