Capture the Moment Photo Contest

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The glaring difference between a photograph one remembers long after viewing, and one might sadly forget too soon, depends in part on whether the photo tells an engaging story. Submit, along with your photo for consideration, what you consider the story behind, or inside your art. Together, your image and story provide a unique record of one moment of inspiration. Your story may be abstract, concrete, internal or external – it’s up to you.


    • HP Action Cam ac200w with Wrist Strap Remote Control
    • HP Envy 120 Home Printer.
    • Special edition SF Views 15 Designers Give Impression of the city by the bay book.
    • PRINT: A 30” x 40” digital gallery plexi print with wood brace of winning image (Value $505) Glossy or Matte (40” will be the long dimension by fall)
    • 5” x 20.9″” Poster from the Designer series by Kit Hinrichs (15 designers give impressions of the city by the bay)
    • PRINT: 16″ x 20″ Digital C Print (Glossy or Matte)

Judging criteria: creativity, photographic quality, effectiveness and description/story.

Only one image and story can be submitted per artist. Online submission of digital photograph via the website.

Image requirements: high resolution JPEG at 150 DPI or higher, file size is 5mb or larger.


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