Nude 2015 PhotoShoot Awards

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The photographs will focus primarily on emotion, beauty and a sense of freedom, though the portraits may also be provocative, amusing, natural, sophisticated, sensual, erotic, unexpected, classical, innocent or audacious. 


  • Academic nudes
  • Emotion
  • Men
  • Body Parts
  • Freedom
  • Nature and scenery
  • Conceptual
  • Humour
  • Nudes in Fashion
  • Couple
  • Intimate Urban
  • Dance and movement
  • Maternity


  • First Place Winner NUDE 2015 Award
  • Second Place Winner NUDE 2015 Award
  • Third Place Winner NUDE 2015 Award
  • 1st Place Award (One in each category:  the photographer with the highest number of points. The judging committee  may decide not to pick a 1st place winner in a particular category if no image obtains a satisfactory rating based on the artistic requirements as same may be established or determined by the jury from time to time)
  • Finalists (in each category)
  • Special Recognition Awards evidenced by a special mention (The jury reserves the right to award special prizes to recognize, for example, and if necessary, a special feature, a technique, a photographer’s overall body of work, etc.).

Image requirements: Jpeg format; 72 dpi – 2000 pixels minimum on the longest side; RGB colors (for N&B also); No signature, no logos, no annoying copyright, site name, nor watermark text should appear on the photographs.

Online submission of digital photographs via the website. Selection criteria: the quality of the shot, composition, originality and imagination.


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