The Eyes on Asia Awards Competition

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  • People: Uplifting and inspiring photographs of people who call Asia & Oceania their home. From Eastern Turkey to the islands of Indonesia and Japan, we want portraits and pictures of people at work or play, at home or in a religious setting.
  • Nature: Depictions of nature images and landscapes. Landscapes are images of the visible features of an area, including physical elements such as landforms, living elements of flora and fauna, abstract elements like lighting and weather conditions, and human elements like human activity.
  • Travel Folio: A four to six shot collection that tells a story about a person or a place. The essay must be Asian/Oceanic themed and shot in Asia & Oceania. It can’t be depressing or shocking.
  • Sense of Place: A single picture that tells a complete story about a place and gives a powerful impression of what it’s like to be there. Must include basic elements like people and urban or cityscapes.
  • Instagram: A single travel picture from anywhere in Asia & Oceania that is taken with Instagram.


  • The main prize starts at 1000 USD. Starting from 200 image entries with each image entry it will go up by 1 dollar. At present, the maximum prize money for the main prize is 6800 USD.
  • All individual categories’ jackpot starts at 100 USD.

Image requirements: Measure 1000 Pixels on the longest side; JPEG at a setting of 10 (100%) higher. Only minor burning, dodging and/or color correction is acceptable, as is cropping. High dynamic range images (HDR) and stitched panoramas are NOT acceptable.

Online submission of digital photographs via the website. Entrants may enter as many images as you wish.


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