Al Ain Photographia Award

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The photographs you submit must be taken within Al Ain.


  • Personalities and Cultural Icons – This category focuses on capturing the personalities of Al Ain from various age groups, and how they interact with the scenery of the magical city.
  • Sustainability – In this category the photographs should be all about the projects or initiatives that are related to environmental sustainability and the conservation of natural resources. Al Ain City Municipality is an active deliverer of such projects as well as other initiatives in the city of Al Ain.
  • Lifestyle – The city of Al Ain offers a unique lifestyle. It is peaceful and humble in a manner that befits the traditions of local lifestyle. It is also diverse and integrates many nationalities and cultures with their own patterns to life. This category provides the opportunity to represent that variety and even the contrasting lifestyles of the diverse individuals living in the city.


  1. 1st Place – AED 50,000
  2. 2nd Place – AED 30,000
  3. 3rd Place – AED 20,000
  4. 4th Place – AED 15,000
  5. 5th Place – AED 10,000

You can submit up to 5 photographs online via the website. Should you win you will need to attend the Award’s ceremony to collect your prize. The ceremony is expected to be held on April 2nd 2014 and will be hosted in Al Ain.


Image requirements: file size between 3mb and 15mb; 300 dpi; JPG format.


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