The Mobile Masters Competition

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The aim of this second edition of the Mobile Masters interactive eBook is to showcase Mobile Photography as a distinctive and expanding new movement in the history of the art form. It will curate the best work of some of the most passionate early innovators of this underground movement with images that would not have been made just 3 or 4 years ago.


  • Image Discovery or straight shots (can have some filtering for mood or clarity but not in ways that change or distort the image)
  • Image Creation or shots that are digitally manipulated with one or more apps (these images are abstractions, composites or painted to take the image into another context)


  • 24 main feature winners will be selected (get a full page in the ebook with in-depth information about you and your work will be seen large)
  • 24 mini feature winners (A shared page with a small showing of work from your e-portfolio link and short paragraph about your process with one link).

Judging criteria: Uniqueness of Vision (40%); Artistic Merit (40%); Consistency of Portfolio (20%)

Submit online your portfolio via Flickr or Instagram. If you win, six images from your portfolio folio will be selected to feature on your spread. We will need the original image (before any processing) and the finished image in the highest available resolution on each.


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