PhotoShoot Awards-NUDE 2014 Competition

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The nude portraits selected by PhotoShoot Awards are neither obscene, nor pornographic, nor violent. The photographs will focus primarily on emotion, beauty and a sense of freedom, though the portraits may also be provocative, amusing, natural, sophisticated, sensual, erotic, unexpected, classical, innocent or audacious. The nudity represented in the photos may be full, partial, wholly revealed or merely suggested. Whatever the subject or type of photograph submitted: women, men, families, couples or groups; photos taken in situ or in a studio; digital or analog photos; black and white or colour; computer-enhanced digital photos or digitised prints, the principal selection criteria for the competition is that the photograph captures the emotion of the moment.


  • Academic nudes
  • Emotion
  • Men
  • Body Parts
  • Freedom
  • Nature and scenery
  • Conceptual
  • Humour
  • Nudes in Fashion
  • Couple
  • Intimate
  • Urban
  • Dance and movement
  • Maternity


  • First Place Winner NUDE 2014 Award
  • Second Place Winner NUDE 2014 Award
  • Third Place Winner NUDE 2014 Award
  • 1st Place Award (One in each category: the photographer with the highest number of points)
  • Finalists (in each category)
  • Special Recognition Awards evidenced by a special mention

Selection criteria include the quality of the shot, composition, originality and imagination.

Online submission of digital photographs via the website.

Image requirements: Jpeg format; 72 dpi – 2000 pixels minimum on the longest side; RGB colors; no signature, no logos, no annoying copyright, site name, nor watermark text should appear on the photographs.


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