“Climate. The Changes” Photography Contest

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  • Photography/Photoseries
  • Multimedia Project (photoclip)
  • Exhibition Project


  • Microclimate. Man. The Changes. What is a human today? In what ways the look and lifestyle of our contemporaries have changed, what are the factors that change the human way of life in our time? How the events of everyday life are perceived by our contemporaries? In what way  the inner world of a person is projected in visible surrounding space?
  • Social climate. The Changes. Changes taking place in today’s society. Events; the activities of groups of people, photos of activities and its results, in the form of  visible traces of modern society.
  • Macroclimate. The Changes. Change in climate and landscape of our planet. Harmonic and destructive impact of the humans on the Earth’s biosphere.

The finalists’ exhibition opens in the of the framework of the V International Festival of photography PhotoVisa (20 October 2013); the winner in the category photography/photoseries will be announced at the opening of the exhibition. Works of the finalists in the nomination Multimedia Project (photoclip)  will be wide screened in one of the city cinemas  in the program of Photoclips’ Night – a special multimedia show within Films program of the  V International Festival of photography PhotoVisa in Krasnodar

Single photos (no more than 15 by one author) and series that include no more than 15 works are accepted for the contest.

Online submission of digital photographs via the website.


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