Oceans of Life Photo Competition

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The Competition seeks to promote the conservation of marine biodiversity and ecosystems, and responsible use of marine resources, through the inspirational beauty of photography and the associated activities of the SOS Festival

Theme: Marine biodiversity such as seabirds, cetaceans, fish, as well as coastal species.


  • Main prize: the ORYX award- a trip for two to Spitsbergen, Norway sponsored by One Ocean Expeditions worth approximately $15,000.
  • Youth Prize: Canon EOS 7D & 18-135mm IS Lens Kit sponsored by Canon South Africa valued at $2 100

Finalists will be notified in September 2013.

Winning images are a mix of novelty, creativity, beauty, drama, use of light and technical perfection that reveal marine life in ways the human eye cannot normally perceive, or that tell a story without requiring further explanation.

You can enter up to five photographs. Online submission of digital photographs via the website.

Image requirements: at least 2000 pixels on longest side (equivalent to 4 megapixels), but no bigger than 6 000 on longest side (and no larger than 23 megapixels); 300 dpi or higher, but no less than 150 dpi at 60 cm along the longest dimension.


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