Verge Magazine 2013 Photo Challenge

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We know that you are travellers and that you believe in the concept of travel with purpose. You¹ve told us that the time you spent volunteering, working, or learning abroad was life-changing. Now we want to see it through your lens‹the fun times, the hard times, the once-in-a-lifetimes.

The challenge? Help us see the world differently.

Show us a snippet of that life-changing journey, and tell us why it mattered. Give us a picture of how you are making a difference‹or show us the people, places and experiences that are making a difference to you.


  • People
    Photographs that tell a story about the people you’ve met on your travels, the social interactions, the individuals, their lives and livelihoods and special moments you’ve experienced that make a community unique. 
  • Places
    Show us the incredible landscapes, dark alleyways, crowded marketplaces, dusty plains, chaotic urban scenes, stunning wilderness vistas – all the strange and special places you’ve discovered on your travels. 
  • Projects and issues
    Meaningful travel involves learning about people and cultures around the world, their traditions, ideas and issues they face. Show us the photographs you’ve taken that step beyond the pictorial to tell a clear story about what you’ve discovered on your travels.


  • Grand Prize – The overall best in show will be awarded a prize of $1,000 Canadian.
  • Category Winners – The winning image in each category will be awarded a travel prize pack, including two travel guidebooks, a t-shirt and Verge Magazine subscription. 
  • Short-listed Images – Up to fifteen images in each contest category will be short-listed, for exhibition at the 2013 Toronto and Montreal Go Global Expos and for publication in the Photo Annual Edition of Verge Magazine. Short-listed photographers will receive Verge Magazine subscriptions.

All winners will be notified by telephone or email on or before February 1, 2014.

Image requirements: JPG format; minimum of 1500 x 2100 pixels (or 3.1 megapixels); allowed: levels, curves, brightness, contrast, shadow and highlight levels, saturation, sharpening and noise reduction, cropping and selected burning or shading.


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