PhotoShoot Awards Oceans 2013

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Theme: Oceans 2013

Submit photos which either portray the scandalous destruction of Earth’s greatest untamed resource: our oceans, or which celebrate their inherent beauty and freedom. Contrasting images of desolation and beauty will convey powerful emotions.


  • Black tide
    • Pollution
    • Industrialization
    • Vagaries of the Weather
    • Climate Change
    • Resources Harvest
    • The Forgotten People
    • Vanishing Trades
  • Deep blue
    • Paradises
    • Fauna and Flora
    • Immensities
    • Beaches and Freedom
    • Beauty and Emotion
    • To Rescue the Sea
    • Trades of the Sea


  • First Place Winner OCEANS 2013 Award
  • Second Place Winner OCEANS 2013 Award
  • Third Place Winner OCEANS 2013 Award
  • Category Award (One in each category:  the photographer with the highest number of points. The judging committee  may decide not to pick a 1st place winner in a particular category if no image obtains a satisfactory rating based on the artistic requirements as same may be established or determined by the jury from time to time)
  • Finalists (in each category) – Special Recognition Awards evidenced by a special mention

The essential criteria of all PhotoShoot Awards competitions are emotion, beauty and freedom.

Image requirements: Jpeg format; 72 dpi – 8 bits – 2 000 pixels on the longest side; RGB colors; no signature, no logos, no annoying copyright, no site name, no frame, nor watermark

You can present a unique image or a series of photographs based on a theme of two pictures (diptych), 3 photos (triptych) and 4 or 5 photos (series). Online submission of digital photographs via the website.


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