Ambient Light: A Natural Luminosity Photography Competition

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Theme: Ambient Light: A Natural Luminosity

Many of history’s greatest photographs and film shots have relied on interesting ambient light. Unusual lighting can turn an otherwise ordinary shot into something very powerful.

Ambient light is found light that surrounds you and is already present in a scene. Sometimes referred to as “natural light” or “existing light,” ambient light can be the found inside a home, a restaurant or concert hall, or a bright, sunny day, a deep foggy day, a city at night…in other words, any kind of pre-existing light. This is found light, not additional light that you, the photographer, might choose to add, such as flash.


  • First Place – $400
  • Second Place – $300
  • Third Place – $200
  • Three Honorable Mentions. Prizes and Awards include a free Black & White Exhibition Book
  • Accepted Images: All images selected by juror will be exhibited throughout the Mpls Photo Center Galleries (March 9th through April 22nd, 2012) and published in an Exhibit Book for purchase.

Winners will be announced July 7th, 2013.

Juror: Jim Brandenburg

Image requirements: sRGB or RGB color space; 72 ppi resolution; flatten layers, 8 bit JPEG files with compression level 8 (medium); sized to 1,280 pixels on the longest side.

Online submission of digital photographs via the website.


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