Subsurface 2013 Underwater Photo Contest

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All subjects must be alive and in their natural environment underwater and all entries need to have been taken by the person submitting the entry. All photos must be taken in a natural water environment, pool or aquarium shots won’t be accepted. Any kind of subject are allowed, e.g. animals, underwater environments, divers, wrecks, freshwater spots.


  • OM – Open Macro: macro shots of underwater subjects, any underwater image of a 20×15 cm (8×6 inch) or smaller picture area.
  • OW – Open Wide Angle: wide angle underwater shots (images show larger area than the designated 20×15 cm in the Macro category).
  • C – Compact: wide angle or macro photos taken with a compact camera. (Photos taken with a point and shoot camera eligible only, photos taken with SLRs or any cameras with interchangeable lenses are not eligible.) Using of attached conversion lens is allowed.

4,200 USD in prizes!

The category winners and the public vote winner will be announced on our websites in June.

Jury: Daniel Selmeczi, Danijel Frka and Steven Kovacs.

Each photographer can submit 2 images. Photos taken with a compact camera can be submitted to any categories. Photos taken with an SLR camera or any camera which has interchangeable lens (micro 4/3 etc.) can be submitted only to OM and OW categories. Scanned analog slides can be submitted only to OM and OW categories. 

Image requirements: JPEG format only, at least 1800 pixels on widest side (upscaling not allowed), limit file size to 2MB. Colour space: sRGB. Do not delete or modify the original EXIF info.


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