The Best of Photojournalism 2013

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Photojournalism is changing. Portable digital cameras are giving more people the basic tools to cover news events that affect their lives. Large media companies are integrating and showcasing photographic reporting in new ways. As a result, the popular culture is becoming more aware of visual journalism. The Best of Photojournalism seeks to recognize the best work coming from this changing landscape, and set new standards for the future. We celebrate the craft of photographic reporting, not just the artistic and technical qualities of photography.


  •     Photojournalist of the Year (large markets) OPY
  •     Photojournalist of the Year (smaller markets) UPY
  •     Sports Photojournalist of the Year SPY
  •     Cliff Edom’s ‘New America Award’ NAA
  •     Returning Veterans, Coming Home VPS
  •     International News Single INN
  •     International News Picture Story INS
  •     General News Single GNN
  •     Domestic News Single DON
  •     Domestic News Picture Story DNS
  •     Contemporary Issues Single CIP
  •     Contemporary Issues Story CIS
  •     Feature Single FET
  •     Portrait and Personality Single POR
  •     Portrait Series SPP
  •     Environment Single ENW
  •     Environment Picture Story EPS
  •     Sports Action Single SPA
  •     Sports Feature Single SPF
  •     Sports Picture Story SPS
  •     Olympic Action Single OGA
  •     Olympics Feature OGF
  •     Olympic Story OSS
  •     Pictorial Singles PCT
  •     Best Published Picture Story (large markets) OPS
  •     Best Published Picture Story (smaller markets) UPS
  •     Non-Traditional Photojournalism Publishing NTP
  •     Road to Office Picture Story RTS
  •     The Road to Office Single RTO

All entries must have been taken or initially published between January 1st and December 31st, 2012. Online submission of digital photographs via the website or by post on a CD disk.

Each photographer will be limited to 20 entries.

Image requirements: RGB color prifile; 250 DPI, with maximum dimensions of 2750 pixels along its longest side; JPG format with a Photoshop JPEG quality level of at least ‘6’ or ‘good’. File size for a single photograph should be no more than 4 MB.


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