Fotofilmic Film Photography Competition

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FotoFilmic will accept entries of up to 10 individual film photography images to be shortlisted and featured online. Every two months in that process, FotoFilmic will announce 30 winners for a total of 90 film photographers and a final portfolio of 270 film photographs (3 selected images to be displayed online per shortlisted photographer). Next, an international jury of film photography professionals will review FotoFilmic’s Online Shortlist and pick the 30 pieces to be exhibited as FotoFilmic’13 Contemporary Film Photography Exhibition in Vancouver, Canada.

Shortlisted photographers compete for:

  • International Juried Exhibition to take place in Vancouver in August 2013
  • Exhibition Catalogue
  • 3 Cash Prizes

Image requirements: Jpg format;resolution: 72 ppi; 1000 pixels maximum in height or length; sRBG color profile; 500 KB maximum  in file size; no trademarks/watermarks, logos, names, borders and dust marks.

Online submission of digital images via the website. You may enter three minimum and 10 maximum photos.

The finalists will be required to submit high resolution image files which should be at least 3300 pixels at its shortest dimension, and must be of exhibition quality (no interpolation allowed). Fotofilmic will take care of printing and mounting all selected images for the exhibition. Each finalist will also receive a free copy of the exhibition catalog.


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