Creatures Photography Exhibition

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From beloved pets to exotic wildlife, animals hold a certain fascination for photographers. They serve us as faithful guardians, trusted steeds, and loyal family members. We invoke them to highlight human traits both good and bad, but also search for our humanity within them. Photographing both the tame and the wild, we seek kinship that cannot be communicated with words. Whether as taxidermies for study, pets for companionship, or out in the wild, for Creatures, the Kiernan Gallery seeks photographs that depict our complex relationship with the animal kingdom.

  • up to 30 images will be selected for display in the main gallery in The Kiernan Gallery in Lexington, Virginia (February 27 – March 23, 2013)
  • up to an additional 40 to be included in the online gallery
  • A Juror’s Choice and Director’s Choice will also be announced and both winners will receive a free copy of the catalogue.

Juror: Anne Berry

Submit digital images by email or mail on a CD. You can enter up to 10 images. Artists should be prepared to ship or deliver their printed and framed work to the gallery if selected.

Image requirements: JPG format; 72 ppi; sRGB color profile; from 1024 pixels to 1500 pixels on the longest side.


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