Nature Photography Competition ASFERICO

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  • A – Landscape Entries must capture scenes that are truly wild and awesome. They should convey a sense of wonder and widerness.
  • B – Underwater worlds Entries must feature sea or freshwater life.
  • C – Mammals
  • D – Birds
  • E – Other Animals C – D – E : Images must show memorable, unusual or striking behaviour. The key here is striking originality.
  • F – Plants and Fungi This is the category for pictures that highlight the beauty, diversity and importance of all forms of plant life.
  • G – Composition and forms Pictures in this category must illustrate natural subjects in abstract ways, and will be judged for their aesthetic value.
  • H – Animal Portraits . Portraits should capture the character or spirit of the subject and focus on it. The key here is striking originality.


  • €. 10.000 divided in 8 categories.
  • The first place winner will receive an additional € 2.000,00 prize, covering the cost to attend the award ceremony.
  • Each category winner will receive a prize in photography equipment and a copy of the exhibition book; for each category there will be 9 additional commended images that will receive the exhibition book as a prize.


  • Theo Bosboom
  • Bruno D’Amicis
  • Marco Ferrari
  • Klaus Nigge
  • Alessio Viora

Winners and commended photographers will be notified in January 2013. The results will be published in the April 2013 in Asferico magazine and Asferico website.

Image requirements for online submission: The longest side of each image must be 1920 pixels. This value is absolute and must not be deviated from and the image can not exceed 3 MB; JPEG format.

Each submission is limited to a total of no more than 30 images (5 images for each category). Online submission of digital photos via the website or by post on CD or DVD, Photos of domestic animals are not eligible, and also cultivated plants, sandwich photos and digitally adulterated images. Images of animals in captivity are not allowed


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