“Red” Photography Exhibition

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Theme: "Red"

A primary color.
Light. Laser. Sunset. Earth. Brick. Fire. Lips. Blood. Heart. Heat.
Heroism. Rage. Loyalty. Aggression. Honor. Evil. Love.
Curry. Pepper. Paprika. Pomegranate. Cherry. Apple. Red Dress. Red Riding Hood. The Scarlet Letter.
The Red Badge of Courage.Raise the Red Lantern.
Happiness. Success. Fortune. Fertility. Passion. Lust.
The Feast of the Martyrs.
Rose. Ruby. Cardinal. Sin.
Communism. Socialism. Revolution. And, a safelight in a Darkroom.
Red. Roja. Rosso. Rouge. Red. Rot. Rooi. Roig. Rood. Red. Roge. Rudhira

Exhibition dates: 25 Oct – 18 Nov 2012


  • For this exhibition each juror will make a Juror’s Choice and the winners may choose a:
    • 40-minute eConsulation with Brooks – $60 value
    • OR a one-year Full Access Membership to LensWork Online – $59 value
  • Each juror will also choose TWO Honorable Mentions. The winners may choose a
    • A one-year Subscription to LensWork Magazine (print version) – $39 value
    • OR a one-year Subscription to LensWork Extended (DVD version) – $39 value
  • People’s Choice gains free entry into a future exhibit.

Jurors: Brooks Jensen and Maureen Gallagher

Images should be as large as possible but no larger than 1280 pixels on the longest side, type jpg – set to the highest quality. Image file size under 2 Mb. DPI is only relevant for output purposes and does not effect the stored size of the image. It can be set to any number, but if you must specify something go with 72 dpi.

Online or email (plus $5) submission.


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