“It’s Magical” Photography Competition

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Theme: Sunrises, Sunsets and Rainbows

Celebrate the magic of the universe! Whether it’s summer, fall, winter or spring, the sun rises and sets… and on those special days, a rainbow appears. Competition images can reflect the contrast of devastation with hope, a ray of light shinning through tall buildings, the wing of an airplane against an orange sky, a silhouette of a person or object against the late afternoon or early morning light, a couple on the beach, scenic with mountains, trees, through the window of your home or car, from a battlefield to your backyard! Add in a stormy day with monstrous clouds and all of a sudden the sun breaks through — a rainbow or two becomes a majestic skyscape palette. It’s Magical, uplifting, inspiring and soothing to the heart and soul.


  • 1st Place winners in all three categories
    • iPhone 5 (16GB)
    • Topaz Bundle
  • Honorable mentions listing w/images

Winners will be notified by Oct 1st.

Online submission of digital images. Minimum 2 image submission, maximum 10.

Image requirements: JPEG format; 72 -100 dpi; up to 800 pixels at the widest dimension; RGB Color (if you are submitting a b/w image, use grayscale)


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