Alphabetography Photo Challenge “Summer”

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Theme: Summer

During Summer photo enthusiasts submit photos that apply or relate to the current letter that’s in play. So during the "S" Letter Period, for instance, participants upload photos that are associated with (whose subject matter includes in the Title) a word starting with the letter "S" (examples: Summer, Swim, Surf, Serenade). When the gameplay moves to "U", "U" photos are submitted. And so on through the six letters of the word “S-U-M-M-E-R" with each letter active for one week only.


  • First Prize Winner (x1)
    • $100 Gift Card from Blurb
    • $89 Spyder3Expressfrom Datacolor
    • custom icon (shown)
  • Second Prize Winner (x1)
    • $50 Gift Card from Frame Destination
    • $39.99 Cruzer Edge 8GB USBflash drive from SanDisk
    • custom icon
  • Third Prize Winner (x1)
    • Free Book Certificate/Voucher from Course Technology PTR (any book in category)
    • custom icon

Entrants are allowed up to 5 submissions per letter maximum, and all submissions are free. Photos can be submitted via Facebook or photo-sharing sites, or uploaded from local computers or mobile devices.

Image requirements: JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP format; file size up to 1 MB; image size 475 px to 1,600 pixels on the longest side.

Judging criteria:

  • 25% for meeting Letter assignment
  • 25% for creative interpretation of the Letter assignment
  • 25% for photo technique and/or quality
  • 25% for "seasonalness" (e.g., how "summerish" is the photo for Summer)


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