Travel Photographer of the Year

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TPOTY gives amazing international exposure for your work.


  • Portfolios
  • New Talent Portfolio
  • One Shot
  • First Shot
  • Young Travel Photographer of the Year 2011
  • Judges’ Special Award
  • Travel Photographer of the Year 2011

Winning and other highly-placed images appear in the beautiful TPOTY ‘Journey’ series of books and are exhibited at our exhibitions at the Royal Geographical Society.


  • The Overall Winner will be given a unique personal showcase within the TPOTY exhibition at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) in the summer of 2012. The showcase will contain not just their eight TPOTY-winning images but also a selection of their other, non-TPOTY work. In addition they’ll receive a £1,000 TPOTY cash bursary, plus Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium 5.5 and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 software, a Plastic Sandwich personalised leather iPad portfolio case, complete with iPad2, and a Lexar Professional 600x 32GB CompactFlash memory card + Lexar Professional Dual-Slot card reader.
  • There are prizes for each category winner

Winners will be announced in December 2011.

You are allowed to adjust brightness, contrast, levels, curves and colour balance. Dust spots and minor elements etc. can be retouched. Images can be sharpened before printing. No photo manipulation.

A portfolio consists of 4 related images. You may submit by post or online. New Talent category can only be entered once.

Image requirements: 3600 pixels along longest length at 300dpi


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