Celeste Prize 2011 Photography Competition

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The prize has been established to promote international contemporary art in the widest possible sense. There will be a final art exhibition with 50 artworks, a final catalogue of circa 150 pages with circa 120 illustrated works of art and critical texts, as well as 5 prize awards and benefits. The exhibition of finalist works, voting and awards will take place at The Invisible Dog, Brooklyn, New York, 11-13 November 2011.

Excellence in content, contemporary aesthetic, technique, and material is sought in the selection of works for the final exhibition. There is no special subject, title or theme required for participating works, they can range from being figurative to abstract, from conceptual to participatory in content and presentation.


  • First prize 4,000 €
  • 220 € to each of the other nine finalists

Media accepted for the photography competition : works in 2D, including digital photography, traditional-analogue photography, net art /  web art, computer graphic modelling, software art or works in which several media are used, for example digital manipulations which include the use of painting or other forms of manual expression, polaroids, mobile phones, collages, etc. Diptychs or triptychs are considered one work. Prize membership enables you to enter two artworks.

Send images of your works on a CD in JPG or TIF format. We advise a document size of 21×29 cm at 300 dpi. Or send a photograph in positive, minimum size 15x10cm, maximum 21x29cm (A4).

Official webiste:

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