World.Report Award 2011

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The award will give attention to those works that focus on people and their social and cultural stories: public or private, minor or crucial, big human tragedies or petty daily stories, changes and immutability. The story that the photographer will be able to tell through compelling images that entail the definition of ‘social reportage’ will be the core of the jury’s key to interpretation. 

Theme: Social and documentary reportages


  • € 3,000 in cash
  • The winning work will be printed and exposed in The Festival of Ethical Photography and ArtèFoto | International Festival of Photojournalism.

Reportages must consist of min.15-max 25 images. The series of images will have to form a focused and meaningful story. The assessment of the jury will award the ability of the photographer to build a narrative and emotional story with a compelling series of images.

Both black and white or colour pictures are admitted. The images must be submitted in digital format saved as JPEG and sized to shortest dimension at no more than 1080 pixels (72dpi preferred). Post-production operations are allowed as long as nothing is added or removed to and from the original
RAW file. Image cropping is allowed. The winner will have to provide the organizers with the RAW files of the images that compose the reportage. Additional digital editing will not be admitted.

The complete portfolio must be sent solely by CD or DVD. The CD should contain a project description of approximately 500 words. The recipient of the award will be notified by 20th April 2011 by phone and/or email.

Send a CD/DVD to:
ArtèFoto Festival
Via Torre, 5
60034 Cupramontana (Ancona)

Rules in PDF; The application form

Official website:

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