International Competition on Wildlife Photography 2011

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Wildlife photography is one of the best ways to show to a broader public the values and the necessity of hunting and wildlife management. It is for this reason that the CIC seeks the help also of non-hunting photographers to help the CIC fulfil its goal for the conservation of nature and all its living creatures.

Theme: "Birds in their natural habitats"
This means that pictures of birds taken in your garden can also be accepted.


  • CIC Prize  1.000 €
  • 2nd Prize  750 €
  • 3rd Prize  500 €
  • Action/Consolation Prize  250 € 

Only photographs of wild animals, birds or mammals, alive and free in their natural environment  can be accepted. Also, generally speaking, all types of photographs considered contrary to the ethics of wildlife photography will be excluded.

A photographer may submit a maximum of 3 photographs in total. A summary of the circumstances under which the photograph was taken (text file or
in print).

Digital photos:
These must be submitted in 2 formats on a CD:

  • a copy identical to the camera copy (this copy will not be included in the evaluation for the contest);
  • a copy of the version with which the photographer wishes to enter the competition (colour balance rectification etc. is permitted, but no montage);

The following formats can be accepted: RAW, JPEG and/or or Sprite; Candidates are strongly advised to add their name, postal and email address on the CD, preferably in a normal text file (.txt).

Official website:

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