The Photojournalism Annual Competition

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  • $1,000 and Nikon equipment for Best Portfolio
  • $750 and Nikon equipment for 1st place Rich Mahan Student Portfolio
  • $250 2nd place Rich Mahan Student Portfolio
  • $100 3rd place Rich Mahan Student Portfolio
  • $500 for Best in Show
  • $100 awarded to all First Place winners


  1. Spot News
  2. General News
  3. Feature
  4. Sports Action
  5. Sports Feature
  6. Portrait/Personality
  7. Pictorial
  8. News Picture Story
  9. Feature Picture Story/Essay
  10. Sports Picture Story
  11. Product Illustration
  12. Issue Illustration
  13. Military Photograph
  14. Multimedia Slideshow
  15. Multimedia Interactive Presentation

Only digital entries are accepted. We do not allow any sort of manipulation to the content of an image with the exception of our photo illustration categories. Only basic color correction and cropping are allowed to maintain the integrity and ethical standards of the industry. It is our responsibility as photojournalists to document and present images in an honest manner.

Each entrant may submit a maximum of 15 entries. Each picture story, which may contain a maximum of 12 images, entered counts as one entry. A portfolio entry does not count towards the 15 entry maximum.

Adjust image size to be 100 dpi with the longest dimension not larger than 11 inches. Images must be oriented correctly. Save and compress the file using the optimized JPEG compression set to 6. We strongly advise that you do not re-compress an already compressed file. Do not add any type of border to your image. Images not following these rules may be disqualified.

Contest entries will only be accepted digitally this year, no more physical entries will be allowed. To enter place all of your images/folders (for portfolios and picture stories) into a main folder with your unique photographer’s code as the name for the folder. Enclose your completed contest form (see instructions above) named as your photographer’s code in your contest folder before sending. Compress the folder into a .zip file and e-mail it to [email protected]

Official website:

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