C4FAP Call for Entry “Consumption”

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Theme: Consumption is a multifaceted term.

While it can signify the influence of advertising and marketing on our pervasive consumer culture, the word also speaks to profound human instincts. To be consumed by something-be it illness, emotions, or beliefs-is to oftentimes confront one’s realities. What, why, when, and how we consume determines the ramifications of the choices we make. Additionally, consumption can simply suggest a transformation. The Center is looking for images that visually depict Consumption and what it means to you.


  • liveBooks Website Award: Valued at $399 each, two artists will receive a 1 year subscription for a website from
  • Juror’s Selection Award: $300 and a Blurb book award from
  • Director’s Selection Award: $200 and a Blurb book award from
  • Honorable Mention Award: $100
  • All exhibitors are included in the Center’s online gallery

There is no limit to the number of images that may be submitted.

Preparing Images to Upload Online:  Entries are submitted via the Center’s on-line system. Log in to, Account Login, on the homepage to begin the process. 

Please follow these requirements when preparing your images for submission: 
•  Your images are viewed as RGB images using standard Adobe RGB 98 or SRGB profile. NOTE: CMYK files will not upload.
•  The largest image dimension (width or height) should be 1280 pixels with the other dimension proportional. 
•  Save your images with a resolution 72 ppi, any layers flattened, 8 bit JPEG files (16 bit files will not upload.)
•  Use JPG compression quality of 8. This compression level will not affect the quality of images viewed on a monitor.
• The image title can not be greater than 40 characters. (Image title is not the image file name)
•  Image file names can not include any of the following characters or have more than 25 characters. Please do not include #,$,&, periods or other similar characters as part of the file name.
•  There can only be a single period – just prior to the file format extension: filename.jpg

Official web site:

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