The 16th Latin American Contest of Documentary Photography “Working Days”

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Theme: Human beings (regardless of age, sex, or race) carrying out some form of work or occupation.


  • Women Workers
  • Childhood Worker
  • Men Workers
  • Workers Immigrants


  • US$5,200 (US$1,300 for each category winner)


Explain, through the image, histories of working people and his particular situations. The objective is to show the situation of the work in Latin America. We also invite artists to send their photographs that document the social and working conditions of Latin American immigrants in developed countries. As well as those people that migrate between countries in Latin America.

We will only accept digital images, taken by a digital camera or those that have been scanned from negatives or paper versions. The contestants can only submit their photographs through the Internet. The photographer should identify their work or works with a TITLE. Each digital image should be sent as a JPG file with a resolution of 72 DPI.  The longest length on the image should be 800 pixels, and it should be appropriate to be visualized on the screen.  If the works are selected for the exposition, the organizers of the event will advise the contestant, so that they can send the work in a resolution more appropriate for printing. We recommend that the contestants use high resolution files, between 2-3 MB (for photographs taken with a digital camera or scanned negatives), since images of this quality can be used for submission via Internet as well as for printing, if the works are selected.

The WORKS received will be considered as individual photographs. Each participant can present a maximum of three (3) WORKS. If several photographs make up a single work, the collection will be consider as one WORK if all photographs have the same name, are numbered and have the word "series" contained in the title (Series X 1, series X 2, etc.) A SERIES cannot contain more than five (5) photographs and will be considered in its totality as a sole WORK. Each contestant has the right to send up to three (3) WORKS, whether individual photographs or series for each category.

In case that the photographs have a mixed presence of women, men or children, will be able to upload the same works in different categories simultaneously.

Photographs could be upload to the web site Concurso Latinoamericano de Fotografía Documental-ENS you can find the completed rules in PDF format in Spanish, English and Portuguese. If you require additional information you may write to Paola Torres ([email protected]) or Jairo Ruiz Sanabria ([email protected]).

Official web site: and

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