Camera Obscura Inaugural Photography Competition

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photo award competition call for entries contest photographyTheme: "bond" – familial, chemical, bail, or anything in betweeen. Both literal and creative interpretations of this theme are welcome.

Camera Obscura accepts for competition any photography-based artwork. The artwork need not consist exclusively of photography. Photography-based mixed media artworks are encouraged for submission, in addition to straight photography.


  • Professional (This category is reserved for photographers who earn more than 25% of their income from photography)
    Prize $1,200 and publication. Selected finalists also receive publication.
  • Non-professional (Entrants in the non-professional category may also enter the professional category.)
    Prize $300 and publication. Finalists also receive publication.


Characteristics considered in judging these photographic artworks include:

  • artistic merit (use of the elements and principles of art and design, as well as artistic impact)
  • creativity
  • technical proficiency
  • expression of the theme
  • effective use of light

 The photographs are judged anonomously. Winners Announced March 1, 2010

Official web site:


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