MINI Space Photo Competition

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 photo contest photography competition

Adjust your shutter speed and get your camera fingers ready because we are now opening the first MINI Space Photo competition.

The theme is "Duality".

The theme of this photography competition is "Duality", so we ask you to interpret the concept of "Duality" by using a photograph. Some words we think of in relation to duality are: twins, opposites, Gemini, pairs, clones, counterparts, contrasts, and polarity…but let your imagination and your creative eye lead you in your own photographic interpretation.


  • 1st – Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro  
  • 2nd – Canon digital camera 
  • 3rd – 1 pair of SUPERFUTURE sunglasses

Popular vote prize:

  • iTunes store credit equivalent to approximately 100 songs.
20 top finalists will receive recognition on MINI Space.


  • Submit a photographic image that interprets the theme “Duality” in exceptional, new and creative ways and that works as a stand-alone work of art.
  • The image has to be based on a photograph, but can be digitally altered as long as the original photograph is still identifiable. Purely vector based submissions will not be considered for winning.
  • Follow the briefing and the specifications and make sure you own the rights to all elements of your submission.
  • Your entries can depict the MINI, but this does not influence your chances of winning.
  • Do NOT use the MINI logo.
  • Your image should be 1280×800 pixels in size and JPG or GIF format.
  • File size limit for GIF is 100KB, for JPG 4 MB.

Upload at least one (and up to 9) photos.

Official web site:


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