Shoot on the Sidelines With Scott & Mike! Photo Contest

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The whole idea here is to give an amateur photographer the experience of a lifetime and let them do something they may normally never get the chance to do.

Here is your chance to win a "dream assignment" of a lifetime! Upload your ONE (1) best sports-related shot. If your shot is chosen as the winner, here’s what’s gonna happen in September:
  • Scott Kelby & Mike Olivella will fly you down to Tallahassee Fl and put you up in a hotel.
  • They will take you out to a fat steak dinner, where you will talk sports photography to your heart’s content.
  • The next morning, on September 12th, you will go with them to an FSU College Football game with full media credentials so you can shoot the game from the sidelines right along with Scott & Mike!
  • What’s more, they’re gonna set you up with a big fat professional lens (probably a nice 400mm F4… Full glass… Yeah!) to use for the day.
  • You get to experience the game from the sidelines like a real pro sports shooter and go home with your memory cards packed full from the whirlwind "assignment." Plus, you’ll probably gain a couple pounds because that full media pass means that you’ll have access to the really sweet buffet set up folks don’t normally talk about.


Extra Details
  • This contest is NOT open to professional full-time photographers
  • Your ONE photo upload to this group serves as your one and only entry.
  • Just like in professional sports, there are NO do-overs!- Just as there is no crying in Baseball, there is no whining in this contest.
  • Your photo entry can be of ~any~ sport (not just American Football)
  • Last but not least…PLEASE enter this contest only if you will actually be able to make the last-minute plans necessary to ~be~ at the game on September 12th. Part of the whole "dream assignment" means you have to be ready to go at a moments notice.

Link to the flickr Group where you can upload your contest entry photo. The winner will be chosen and announced on Scott Kelby’s Blog on Monday, August 24th.

Offical web sites: Mike Olivella; Scott Kelby

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