The Photo Art Gallery’s ‘Pride of Place’ Photographic Art Competition

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It’s about that place that you love, the way it makes you feel, maybe it’s where you live maybe it’s where you escape to. Show us your favourite, demonstrate just why it lures you back time after time. We want to see what makes it so different, the light, hardship, romance, atmosphere or people, the things that make it so special.

Put some thought into it and go on a reconnaissance mission to discover the scenes of your city, town, home or favourite place and introduce the world to the moments that make it memorable.


The Ultimate Photography Exposure & Reward Package:

  1. E-30 DSLR Camera +14-54mm lens featuring swivel LCD screen and in camera art filters, complete with a 14-54mm pro grade lens
  2. Photographic Course from the Photography Institute
  3. The Olympus Mju9000 the world’s slimmest camera to offer 10x optical zoom. Valued at $599
  4. 10 Safari Wise Photo Education Kits
  5. 30”x40” Canvas Print courtesy of Gusha Visual Media


The Guidelines

  •       All compositions must reflect the artist’s interpretation of ‘Pride of Place’.
  •       Artists must write the word ‘Pride’ in the event section when submitting images to the Public Gallery.
  •       The image/s must be submitted and accepted the Public Gallery (as per the Public Gallery Policy found at, images in the private gallery are not on public display and are therefore not eligible.
  •       Entrants may submit as many images as they like. . . .so what are you waiting for?

Official web site:

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