Unintended Consequences – Global Drug War Poster Contest

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This contest aims to highlight the unintended consequences of drug control efforts on public health, crime, environment, human rights – by articulating personal stories and tragedies, lost opportunities and liberties, and the irreversible damage that has been caused to lives and property.

We are looking for creative, attention-grabbing and poignant images that graphically express the everyday reality and impact of the global drug war on public health, public security and human rights.

Highlighted Topics

  • Repressive law enforcement interventions
  • Imprisonment of drug users
  • Impact of forced eradication on farmer’s lives
  • Environmental impact of eradication
  • Barriers to access to health care
  • Stigma against drug use
  • Poverty and drug use
  • Contrast of attitudes toward licit and illicit drugs
  • Drug use as a cultural heritage
  • Impacts of the drug war on ethnic minorities
  • Violence related to the black market of drugs
  • Forced treatment of drug users
  • Drug users with HIV and AIDS
  • Death penalty
  • Impact of the drug war on families
  • Fear-based drug education & prevention
  • Mandatory drug testing in schools and workplaces
  • Best practice in education, care, treatment & harm reduction


The Best Poster Submission will be awarded with 1000 EUR.

In the poster category the second best wins 400 EUR and the third best wins 200 EUR.


•    posters can illustrate fictional scenes – but should be based on existing, real problems in the context of the global and national drug control regimes;
•    you may submit multiple entries, so long as each entry meets all requirements;
•    posters should be submitted in high quality format not smaller than 3mb, by sending them to our email:;
•    you must add a title and a short description (where and when it was taken and what does it illustrate) to the poster in English;
•    each entrant can win only one prize.

Official web site:

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