The WeSay Best of Citizen Photojournalism Photo Contest

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Enter the WeSay Best of Citizen Photojournalism Photo Contest.

Unlike many other photo contests online, this one is totally FREE. You can win a real prize – one of THREE Apple iPhones for the grand prizes, one of three gift certificates for $100, $75 and $25 from Photographer’s Warehouse or a $68.95 Photo Book from dotPhoto. There will also be several Editor’s Choice awards issued. But most important of all, amateur photographers will be considered for publication on the homepage of an international news site –


1. News 
Enter any news-related photograph.

Special Category: Community activism. Is there a pothole swallowing cars in your town? A dilapidated building that gives the area a worn-down image? Give us a photo of something that you think gives your town a black eye and needs to be fixed.

2. Politics
Enter any politically-related photograph.

Special Category: Political rallies. This is politics at the grass roots level. Who’s holding a rally in your town? Are they McCain or Obama supporters? How about a local candidate for commissioner or some other office? Take some photos and give them some coverage.

3. Environment 
Enter any environmentally-related photograph.

Special Category: Who’s going green? Here’s an opportunity to spotlight someone in your town who is doing something to improve the environment. Are they installing solar panels? Driving a hybrid? Send us a photo and make them feel good for what they are doing to help solve global warming one person at a time.

4. Sports 
Enter any sports-related photograph.

Special Category: Summer sports. It’s summer. It’s hot. Who in your town is out there playing sports in the summer heat? Give us some shots of local athletes of all ages who love to sweat and are active during the summer months.

5. Celebs 
Enter any celebrity-related photograph.

Special Category: Local musicians. We’ve all seen thousands of photos of the big names acts from Britney Spears to Bruce Springsteen. What about the musicians in your town who are struggling to make a living and perhaps break out into the mainstream? Time to give them some recognition.

6. Far-Out 
Enter any far-out photograph.

Special Category: Weird pets. They say pets are a reflection of their owner. Do you know some people who own weird pets? How about people who dress up their pets? Here’s a chance to get your own or someone else’s pet in the news.

We’re not looking for electronically manipulated photos.


Winners will be announced and their photographs displayed on the website on or before Oct. 30, 2008.

All eligible photographs entered in the Contest will be judged by based on (a) news value (b) emotional impact, (c) photographic quality (factors such as composition, perspective, exposure, and lighting that evidence technical skill in taking and Acceptable Editing of the photograph), and (d) the clarity, accuracy, and impact of their accompanying description.

In order to enter a photograph in the Contest, you must complete the Best of Citizen Journalism Photo Contest Official Entry Form.  You will be allowed to upload five digital photographs in JPEG format at a resolution no larger than 640 by 480 pixels.  You also will be required to enter your name and e-mail address, indicate the title of the photograph, provide a brief description of the photograph and the context in which it was taken, and indicate the category in which you wish to enter the photograph.  You may enter up to five different photographs, but each photograph must be submitted separately using the Best of Citizen Journalism Photo Contest Official Entry Form.   

Official web site:

photography contest

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