Silversalts 2008 Call for Submissions

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We are pleased to announce the call for submissions to the 2008 edition of Silversalts.

We are publishing a 9″ x 12″ coffee-table book of the 100 best college-student black-and-white photographs submitted to us. This annual book is designed to preserve and promote traditional wet-process photography as the digital age begins to dominate the landscape.

We invite you to submit your best five prints — the ones that you loved, that were most liked in critiques or student shows, or the work you did outside of class that beats everything else in your portfolio. Subject matter is completely open, as is technique, processing, and presentation. You can send any size print up to 11×14 (8×10 is our preferred size), mounted or unmounted (unmounted is easiest for us). The only stipulations are:

  1. The piece must have been made completely with traditional techniques, with no digital or mechanical manipulations
  2. You must be a college-level student (or 2008 graduate)

You do not have to be in a photography class to participate, although we expect most of the submissions will come from art departments.

From all entries received, we will select the best 100 photographs for publication (and if response is overwhelming, we may go higher than 100). High-quality prints of all subject matter and genres will, hopefully, be represented. Naturally, well-printed work is important, but in selecting the best images we will consider work that might demonstrate a less-than-expert level of darkroom technique if it has other sufficiently intriguing merits.


Official web site:

photography contest

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