38th Annual National Wildlife’s 2008 Photo Contest

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Let us showcase your work! We invite you to submit your favorite nature images to our 2008 photography competition—our biggest Photo Contest in 38 years. Cash prizes totaling $18,000 plus camera equipment and other gifts will be awarded to the winners in three separate divisions: professional, amateur and youth. The grand prize winner will receive $5,000. Plus, a portfolio of award-winning entries will be published in the 2008 December/January issue of the magazine.
In return for your $15 entry fee, you will receive a one-year membership in the National Wildlife Federation, including a subscription to National Wildlife, and you can submit as many as 20 images

Divisions:  Photographers must enter their images in one of the following divisions.
Pro – Full or part-time professional photographers who receive all or a major part of their income from nature photography.
Amateur – Beginning or amateur photographers at least 18 years of age, and experienced photographers who do not receive a major part of their income from nature photography.
Youth – Young photographers ages 13 to 17.

Categories:  Photographers entering in the Pro and Amateur divisions must enter each image in one of the following categories.  Photographers entering the Youth division do not need to specify a category, but images must follow the subject matter of one of the categories.  Judges reserve the right to switch images to other categories.

  1. Mammals—Portraits and Behavior
  2. Birds—Portraits and Behavior
  3. Other Wildlife—Portraits and Behavior (includes underwater life, reptiles, amphibians, insects, spiders and more)
  4. Backyard Habitats—Wild Creatures, Native Plants and Natural Settings in Your Yard
  5. Connecting People and Nature—People Enjoying the Outdoors
  6. Landscapes and Plant Life—Scenic Views and Native Plants in Wild Settings

Each participant may submit up to 20 photographs total.  All images must be digitally uploaded.

Camera-made digital images or scans of slides or prints should be uploaded as low-resolution jpegs.  At 72 dpi, jpegs should be no smaller than 3×5 inches and no larger than 5×7 inches, with a maximum file size of 500KB.  An online form is provided for required information.  Original files of camera-made digital photos must be three (3) megapixels or larger.  Original slides or negatives for scanned photographs must be available on request, but do not send them unless requested by NWF.  If you do not have digital scans of your slides or negatives, or the capability to make them, inquire at your local camera store or photo lab.  It is quite easy and inexpensive to make digital files of your photos.

Enter now!

Official web site

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